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the founder of vorcaff design,  abhijeet joshi started his practice in Pune in 2009. he has designed and developed many residential as well as commercial sites.


a strong believer in ‘nature is guru’ he constantly explores new possibilities of making human habitation more comfortable, beautiful and environmental.


he says “every space has its unique identity in itself which has to be understood correctly and expressed in every which way”




simple design elements 5
master bed 19
master bed 18
master bed 17
master bed 16
master bed 15
master bed 14
master bed 12
master bed 11
master bed 10
master bed 9
master bed 8
master bed 7
master bed 6
master bed 5
master bed 4
master bed 3
master bed 2
master bed 1
living room 12
living room 11
living room 10
living room 9
living room 8
living room 7
living room 6
living room 5
living room 4
living room 3
living room 2
living room 1
kitchen 3
kitchen 2
kitchen 1
entrance lobby 5
entrance lobby 4
entrance lobby 2
entrance lobby 1
children bed 17
children bed 16
children bed 15
children bed 14
children bed 13
children bed 12
children bed 11
children bed 10
children bed 9
children bed 8
children bed 7
children bed 6
children bed 5
children bed 4
children bed 3
children bed 2
children bed 1


suite 2
retail 2
retail 1
office 18
office 17
office 16
office 15
office 14
office 13
office 12
office 10
office 9
office 8
office 7
office 6
office 5
office 4
office 3
office 2
office 1
office 7
office 6
office 5
office 4
office 3
office 2
office 1
simple design elements 11
simple design elements 10
simple design elements 9
simple design elements 8
simple design elements 6
simple design elements 2
simple design elements 4
Interior Design


the interior of any space is its soul. the deeper you go within yourself the more you find your identity. same thing applies to any space. for relaxation you need a serene interior space.

for us interior design is an artistic way of finding yourself with decent ambience and soothing atmosphere which we assure by providing induced harmony and peace.

Minimal Desk


now-a-days Emotional Quotient is as important as Intellectual Quotient and the awareness about this has increased. more and more focus is given for providing better office environment for better efficiency.


we have proven for transforming office spaces which have a fresh, functional environment thus increasing the brand value.

Wooden Bedroom


this is a very challenging era as hospitality sector demands a very different dimension of design. creating focal points and providing catchy elements are key factors.


these spaces must be calm and understated and need to provide relaxed atmosphere with luxury. 

Department Store Display


retail spaces should be vibrant and colourful emphasizing space dimensions.


we believe in making retail design a strong statement in end user’s mind which creates timeless impression and individuality towards the space helping the growth of network of end users


–  wisely utilising the most precious asset "space"

–  minimum furniture with maximum space

–  simple and economical materials

–  in depth analysis and use of visual psychology

–  assurance of least minimum estimation in market

–  a small room renovation to large scale projects

–  restoring the existing furniture

–  complimentary site visit & estimation

–  all services at your door step

–  timely delivery of the project

–  trust and reliability

–  ‘YOU’ oriented approach

–  services after completion of project

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459, Narayan Peth, Pune, 411030 

vorcaff@gmail.com  |  Mob.: (091) 9890 80 4012

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